Shoreline Cabin

The Shoreline Cabin sits quietly perched above the seas edge, secluded and away from everything else, looking across a wide expanse of ocean at the distant mountains and sunset. Sleeps 6.

Floathouse Lodge

This float house building was built locally, for use as a church named "Living Waters Chapel". It served this function during the 1980's, before becoming Paddlers' Inn's float-house lodge. Sleeps 10.

Floathouse Cabin

Completely surrounded by spacious decking and ocean, this romantic float-house getaway nicknamed “The Love Shack”, offers visitors an intimate experience of coastal wilderness float-house living. Sleeps 2.

Cliffside Cabin

Introducing our recently acquired Cliffside Floathouse. This quaint little float-house building originated as a local bakery, serving summer boaters, before being towed to Paddlers’ Inn to become another guest house get-away. Sleeps 2.