Evolution Asks Us

It is a blessing
And part of our every day
That we are here
Expressing and creating evolution.

Lessons from the past
Are mixed in our consciousness
With dreams of the future
As we stand in the present
Enabling the unfolding forward.

If we fight
For whatever is our cause
We fight and fight
Seemingly forever.
If we love
Whatever is our cause
We love and love
Seemingly forever.

Evolution asks us
To make a choice
In every moment
That determines tomorrow
So please be aware
How you radiate your cause.

Recognize how to orientate
As you do have a choice
To radiate the fight
Or the love-dream
That you advocate for
Knowing that your perspective
Determines the outcome.

Does love or fear
Motivate and create
Your evolution?

We have the ability to radiate love
Personally and globally
Or not…
Be the change you want to see.
The “front lines” are everywhere.                  Dec. 2, 2020