Be at Home in the Wilderness

All of our accommodations offer you a cozy clean home away from home within a doorstep of nature. Reservation dates are made in relation to our water taxi schedule, as utilizing our water taxi service is required to get to and from our location, unless you are paddling or flying in or out. Please refer to our Transportation page for transportation dates that are available, or contact us to request dates that are not shown. Multiple night bookings are our preference, but we do occasionally accept single night reservations if they fit our water taxi & accommodation schedule, please inquire.

Shoreline Cabin

The Shoreline Cabin sits quietly perched above the seas edge, secluded and away from everything else, looking across a wide expanse of ocean at the distant mountains and sunset. Sleeps 6.

Floathouse Lodge

This float house building was built locally, for use as a church named "Living Waters Chapel". It served this function during the 1980's, before becoming Paddlers' Inn's float-house lodge. Sleeps 10.

Floathouse Cabin

Completely surrounded by spacious decking and ocean, this romantic float-house getaway nicknamed “The Love Shack”, offers visitors an intimate experience of coastal wilderness float-house living. Sleeps 2.

Cliffside Cabin

Introducing our recently acquired Cliffside Floathouse. This quaint little float-house building originated as a local bakery, serving summer boaters, before being towed to Paddlers’ Inn to become another guest house get-away. Sleeps 2.