Safe and reliable water taxi transportation.

If you are not kayaking or flying to our location, we provide water taxi transportation to and from our remote location, picking up and dropping off guests in Port McNeill. Departures from the lodge are generally at 9:00 am. Pick-ups in Port McNeill are generally at 1:30 pm. Please see our rate page for the current cost for this service. Transportation is also available to other locations by request.

Our boat “BUFFER ZONE TOO” is a thirty foot vessel, built of sturdy aluminum by Kellahan Marine. There’s lots of covered open deck space to view the scenery from, as well as ample cabin space inside. There is also plenty of room for storage of gear and we have cushioned carry racks for kayaks.

We are certified by Transport Canada to operate.

We transport up to 12 passengers, plus freight, & 8 kayaks, and take people sight seeing throughout the Broughton Archipelago. The trip from Port McNeill on Vancouver Island to the Paddler’s Inn takes approximately 2 1/2 hours. Charters are available to any location throughout the area.

Bruce has more than 40 years of experience boating in the local area, and has been certified by the Canadian Ministry of Transport since 2004 to operate Paddlers’ Inn water taxi service. Our vessel was certified by the Minister Of Transportation in 2015.

For water taxi transportation please contact us to make arrangements. For already scheduled trips between our location and Port McNeill please view our online calendar below. 

We assume no responsibility for any inconvenience or expenses incurred by our guests if we need to change water taxi trip times due to foul weather conditions or mechanical issues.

Go for a boat ride!

The Broughton Archipelago covers a huge area and there are several locations that are only accessible by paddling for several days, or by making use of our water taxi.

Mothership Tours

We offer boat transportation to pretty much everywhere in the archipelago. Bruce is the skipper and tour guide for these trips, offering guests an insider’s knowledge of the area and history. All of the locations described in our Kayaking Routes could be included, as well as the ones below.

Whale Watching/Robson Bight

Many people associate this area with the legendary Orca Whale. These whales as well as Humpback and Minke whales can be found here. Viewing these magnificent animals is breath-taking, and is one of the memorable experiences that visitors can take home. We often have an opportunity to see whales, dolphins, porpoise, and sea-lions when we travel between Vancouver Island and our lodge, and this is a great opportunity for whale watching, as well as when you kayak around the lodge area.

Village Island

Mamalilaculla is a location used by First Nations for thousands of years, and although now abandoned, demonstrates the uncomfortable transition from a traditional lifestyle to one of European influence. Totems are in evidence, fallen and returning to the soil, as are many old buildings including a schoolhouse, and beach-side dock structures. This site exudes history, the impermanence of life, and the transition between old and new lifestyles.

Kayak drop-offs 

 Our vessel is well equipped to haul kayaks, passengers, and their gear. We can carry up to twelve passengers, and up to eight kayaks, four of which could be doubles. We offer drop-offs to anywhere in the Broughton, but due to our boat design we do not “run up” onto the beach. Paddling gear can easily be shuttled from our boat to the shore, using the kayaks and our dingy. We rarely do beach pick-ups, as lifting kayaks from the water up onto our carry racks is very difficult. Something we prefer to do from a dock.

Fishing trips

We are not a fishing resort, however we do like to eat seafood, and so offer some fishing charters for our guests. We fish primarily for prawns, bottom-fish, and shell-fish. We have an “eat what you catch” policy, and do not permit the freezing or canning of sea-foods for guests to take back home.

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