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Some of our guests have shared their thoughts about their time here at Paddlers Inn. We wanted to share them with you.

“Thank you so much for the inviting atmosphere, for all your knowledge, and how you helped us to find a good way to live with nature. For one week we have been paddling between the islands of the Broughton Archipelago, and have seen beauty, animals and lived in a beautiful wonderful world.

A huge silence has come over us. That is what I would like to conserve forever. We will never forget this place and our experience here. Thank you for the great trip to the real wild of Canada.”

The Freob Family
Wesbaden, Germany

“I remember someone telling me that people should not see things to beautiful, have experiences too good, or engage in association too intense, because one would never be satisfied with their life again. I am old enough to know that one must seize those things when possible, and that this too can become part of the mosaic of ones life, not a cause for envy later. This is how I feel about my time with you.”

David D
Seattle Washington, USA

“Thank you for the HUGE step up from… camping in the woods, peeing in the sea, sleeping on the ground, and eating freeze-dried cuisine. Yay for the Paddlers Inn”

Bainbridge Island Paddling Society
Bainbridge Island, Washington

“Thank god you have a shower!”

Sarah Norfolk

“Thanks for your calm and warm welcome. Thanks for allowing us to “arrive” after our long journey to get here. Thanks for the wonderful guiding and interpretation of the Broughton’s history, flora and fauna. Thank you for your generosity, it is heartfelt.”

The Scottish Group

“It is good to experience the “Sound of Silence” in this noisy world. This place can feed the soul!”

Audrey N.
Sointula, BC 

“Our expedition ended at the Paddlers Inn. It has been like traveling through time, visiting historic First Nations village sites, seeing few signs of industrialization, and ending up here where some buildings date back to the early 1900’s. This trip has certainly emphasized the fragility of our environment, and the need to treat it with care and attention. Thank you so very much.”

Allie and Sheldon
Quadra Island, BC 

“Thank you for the memorable few days, incredible beauty, company, meals, and on and on and on. Ahh the spring roll…Mmmmm. Until we meet again, Namaste.”

Comox, BC 

“We were the last guests of 2007, and the first in 2008. Thank you so much for sharing your paradise with our friends and family. Each year we come back, what a time to look forward to, the company and scenery, it has become our “happy place” to think about when we return to our lives in the big city Thanks sooooo much for giving us that.”

Norm and Sheri S.
Chilliwack, BC 

“There are a few places on this planet that instill a deep feeling of peace and a connection with the world on which we live. the Paddlers Inn is such a place. Thank so much for sharing your utopia with others and providing a truly memorable experience for myself and my family. We look forward to visiting you again at our first opportunity.”

Dan M.
Vancouver, BC 

“This is the ultimate romantic wilderness getaway, We’ve had such a lovely time, a magical mystery spot, in a time far, far away, and wow! May you have a delightful time with all who are blessed to be here with you.”

Lynnaea and Rich
Cortes Island, BC 

“We were so touched by the beauty, serenity, and love expressed by the McMorran family and all that has been created here at the Paddlers Inn. Truly a magical place!”

Elizabeth P. and Terry G.
Bradeaton, Florida 

“I loved the sunny days, but the days with shades of grey told me why one might value such a place. Every hour has a new view.”

Sue L.
Calgary, AB 

“Thank you again for your willingness and courage to go so deep during our massage session. Thank you also for the loving kindness and respect you bring with your presence. It was a profound healing experience for me that I will continue to integrate for quite a while.”

Laura H.
San Francisco, CA 

“Thank you for a cozy stay after our travels. We really enjoyed the hot showers and shelter from the rain. We love that you live such a simple yet fulfilling life, and share and respect the great wilderness with your inn! Keep on doing what you love, it shows. God bless.”

Lauren and Patrick
Victoria, BC 

“The Paddlers Inn is a great place to make your base camp when kayaking in the Broughton’s. Bruce McMorran is a wonderful host and knowledgeable about the area. The rental kayaks are in excellent shape. The accommodations are comfortable and Bruce is continuously enhancing the facilities. 

Barb and Fred
Victoria, BC 

“We love it here! Thank you.”

Rob and Eveline
The Netherlands 

“Thank you for being such amazing hosts – my first kayak trip has been spectacular. I’ve learned so much – and have had lots of fun”

Nancy C.
Victoria, BC 

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