Billy’s 80th Birthday

In the time of the rain’s

We gather

Wrapping our wet lines

To Pierre and Tove’s dock

We secure our boats

Having carried us here


To celebrate life’s good fortune.


In this gathering

Of happy faces

New and old

Each of us carries

Friendship and respect

Love and appreciation

For this man

Who examples

How we all aspire to be





As we celebrate

80 years of life

Still going strong

Smoke from the back of the bay rises

As another historical building crumbles.


Stories told

And thankyou’s given

We unwrap our lines

And point our bows

Toward home.


Sitting here quietly now

35 years later

I feel great joy and sadness

To have caught the tail end

Of a community evaporating

And I thank my lucky stars

That Billy pulled my house ashore

So many years ago

Anchoring me

Here in the Broughton.                              Oct 12, 2014