Why are the Frogs Screaming

In this quiet coastal valley

Where both sun and rain

Hit hard upon open grounds

(Or are they wounds?)

Huge roaring trucks

Driven by mortgaged men

Remove the lands few remaining monuments.

As the din dies down

Once again the frogs are heard

But their chirps

Seem more like screams

Loss of habitat

Loss of habitat

Loss of habitat


We watch with lazy eyes

As the single tree leave strip

Falls to the wind

And the tranquil river fills with silt

There is no safe place

For trees to stand.


This valley is gone

Can anyone tell?

Our clouded eyes have learned so well

To see our dominion

As just and good

With respect and responsibility

Somewhere lost.


Amid this picturesque slaughter

As the trees fall

The frogs sing

Trying to warn us

Of our foolish ways.                         Nov 3, 1993