Broughton Splendor


Awaiting participation,

The day unfolds.

From darkened quiet stillness,

To soft daybreak awakenings.


As I clip salal encroached pathways,

A lone black bear meanders,

Across a low tidal expanse,

Of intertidal smorgasbord.

Turning rocks in search,

Of taste delights unarmored.


Our afternoon family walk,

Across our now well-trodden forest path,

Solidifies our footprints left.

Finding first-growth cedar’s,

Left alone and standing,

And then following the forest stream downward,

We descend to find,

A glistening ocean,

Celebrating the suns departure,

Dancing at obtuse angles.


Being blessed with food prepared,

And left remaining,

From catered guests now departed,

We sit together,

At ocean’s edge,

To dine.


Before us the sea,

Parting and falling,

As humpback whales soar upward,

Dinning on abundance,

As pilchard speckle,

Sea-top reflections,

Of the days colorful end.



For the jewel,

Of nature.                             May 10, 2005